Lessons Conversation

Unpacking the intricate dynamics of What Works, in What Context, under What Conditions, and Why, in the ever-evolving landscape of global development; pioneering Systems Transformation and Organisational Learning. Listen to the conversation online, or join us at our next conference pop-up!

20-21 Sept 2024 @Summit of the Future

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The Voice of Development

Hosted by Nthanda Manduwi, and cohosted with talented journalists and media professionals from around the globe, the Lessons Conversation delves into the heart of International Development - exploring the intersections of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and advocacy.

Nthanda Manduwi


Why the Lessons Conversation

From Innovative Solutions to Creative Endeavours, the conversation embarks on a journey of discovery, unravelling the narratives and strategies that drive impactful international development efforts. 

Experienced Hosts

Nthanda and her media partners have extensive experience in both international development and media engagement.


The conversation is about the community first - driven by the UN Principle of Leaving Noone Behind.

International Leaders

Through enlightening conversations with esteemed international guests, listeners are taken on an immersive journey through the corridors of leadership.


The conversation centers lessons and recommendations from extensive research, pioneering Systems Transformation and Organisational Learning.

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